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Model numbers JSN-L21 and JSN-L42.

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How to replace the glass panel of a cracked Honor 8X screen?

I accidentally dropped and cracked the glass screen of the LCD panel and I need instructions to replace it. Thanks.

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Here, looks like its the same or similar to the Huawei Honor 8. Huawei Honor 8 LCD Display Replacement

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As noted in my answer down below, for some reason this guide is no longer available, but there is still one there for the Honor 8. Note that it is NOT for the 8X, but just for the 8, so it's not exactly what the original poster and others were looking for.

Remplacement de l'écran LCD & vitre tactile du Huawei Honor 8


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My mobile lcd crecked how much money are change this model Honor 8x

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I want replace my phone please give some solution

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