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The Chevrolet Cavalier is a compact automobile produced from 1982 to 2005 by General Motors.

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Engine will not crank.

All that I get is a click from the relay box under the hood. New battery and relay. Jump the starter and it turns. All lights come on then when you turn to start it everything on the dash turns off

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Trevor check your grounds both at the battery and on the frame . By the relay are you referring to the relay in the fuse panel or the starter solenoid . When you boost the car to start it are you connected to the battery for your ground or are you on the frame . Just as a test connect the booster cable to the ground(-) post of the battery and the other end of the cable to a solid ground point on the engine block ( don’t worry about the other side of the booster cable were just trying to make a new ground for the battery in this test). If it starts with just the new battery and no boost its probably a bad ground

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@jimfixer Good to hear from you ;-) You've been missed.


@mayer Ive started a new business and its been really busy. Finally getting things under control and hopefully getting back to normal


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