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iPhone screen going rainbow coloured?

Just carried out a screen repair on an iPhone 7 Plus.

Sometimes when waking it up, the screen will be of a largely rainbow tint on the left side. Touching the screen or moving it around solves the issue.

Anyone have any idea what this could be?

I have attached a picture of the phone prior to the repair and a video of the rainbow.

Thanks in advance.

Block Image

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1 solution

Is there any spongy feeling when you lightly press down on the screen on the bottom right corner? If not return the part and get a replacement screen. Could be a bad LCD or you screens IC is being pinched between the bottom of the logic board and loud speaker.

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@toreskey Nope, no spongy feeling. The only reason I didn’t know it if was to do with a faulty LCD is because it’s only sometimes. Usually when I see faulty ones, they’d be a line down it, or an area of the digitiser doesn’t work. Didn’t know if something that only occurred on some occasions was to do with a faulty part.


@toreskey Because literally, I’ve just had it again. Scrolling up and down on the screen fixes it. Also, it flashed like a faulty digitiser does when it moves itself up and down. But after doing that, it goes back to normal


I would see if you can get a replacement screen then. If you did the process properly, It's most likely a faulty screen.


@toreskey Okay, I’ve got plenty. Thanks for your help.


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