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Why is my screen still blank after replacing a new one?

why is my screen still blank after replacing a new one?

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Maybe because the screen might not have been your problem. If you give us your symptoms maybe we can figure out the problem.


quick questions..

does an external display work?

did you purchase the apple specific lcd?? not meaning from apple, but their are only a few different LCD rom's the mac will recognize.

What caused the LCD backlight to go out?


Usually when we ask questions, we post them as comments rather than as an answer. Also, in case someone loves your answer and wants to seek you out, please post a link to your web site or email in your profile ;-)


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try resetting nvram

if that dosnt work try other screen

still blank, dig to logic board

and check all connections

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Adjust the setting in computer BIOS the type of the new screen through the old screen and save. Then install the new one and reboot.

Zaabar Zakaria

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