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Dryer leaks gas but only when loaded?

Got a new GE dryer. GL806825. Had it installed by company, they ran it briefly and it was fine. From the first time I put clothes in, it’s not been right. It blows gas out of the exhaust vent, sometimes so much that you really can’t stand out on our porch where it vents. I also feel like it takes a long time to dry clothes and they are not hot when the cycle is done, I thought this cooldown was part of the cycle, but maybe not. We called repairman who ran it and - of course - it behaved perfectly. After he left, we realized he ran it ‘dry’ - apparently the problem only occurs with a load of wet clothes in it. Any ideas?

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My first answer is have the repair company come back out under warranty and fix it right. I really suspect that the gas flame is not staying on due to a bad sensor. The dryer if the flame sensor or the over temp sensors are bad. I do suspect that the flame is not staying lit. The only time you should smell gas outside is when the dryer tries to re-start the flame. Generally speaking same as a car, after 3 times of them unsuccessfully fixing it you could have it declared a “lemon” and the company should replace it at no charge. I do have my doubts that it really ever worked right at any time.

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Thank you. I ran a test, it took approximately 4 stinky minutes for the dryer to ignite (with a load in it), and I smelled gas intermittently so it seems to have a problem every time it re-ignites as well. A 2/3 load that had been double spun took 2 hours 12 minutes to complete, and for the first hour the temperature of the clothes didn't get above 90 degrees. The installers failed to leave the paperwork, I have my suspicions this was a refurb (sold to us as new.) GE is sending another tech out, thank you for the lemon info, I sadly feel this may be in our future but at least there's an option for something other than getting entirely scr***ed.


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