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La famille des Macbook a été introduite pour la première fois en mai 2006, pour remplacer la gamme portable d'Apple, les iBook.

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apple juice spilled down key board

Hi i have a apple mac book white one which i bought 12 months ago and one of kids spilled apple juice on it (no 1 knows who done it lol) i wiped the key board dry and laptop was still working but the K key stopped working and track pad wouldnt move mouse to well so i turned it off and undone bottom and wiped what i could see was wet and took it to a computer place he said he had it going but wasnt wort saving and handed it back now its not starting up would it be the board inside not sure what to do or try send it off to another repairer . any help be gratefull

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Here's a very good starting place: Electronics Water Damage: Electronics Water Damage

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