Device won't turn on

This computer was brought to me by another repair company. The device was working properly but the screen was cracked. Their technician replaced the screen, but in doing so, stripped the antenna cable screws and decided that cutting it out would be the way to go (see picture below)

Block Image

I purchased a new antenna piece and installed everything correctly (even the screen). I’ve unplugged the battery, reset the PRAM and SMC and have had no luck with the computer physically turning on.


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Most probably that butcher massacred something else before the antenna module so i am puzzled where to even begin with the investigation.

Could you please elaborate on what you’ve meant by saying the unit have trouble powering up "physically"?

Does the power adapter works?

Is there any dongs on any key combo?

Any unusual smell?

On the A1708 you don’t need to remove the battery in order to do SMC reset but OK. Could you try the same key combo as for SMC reset (Control+Option+Shift+Power button one press no holding) with the power adapter (sure only if it is working) connected? Do you hear or see anything after the key combo?

Argh, sorry, just realized how old is this post.


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