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My computer is not turning on

My friends computer stopped turning on recently. He claims it has not had anything spilled on it. When the magsafe is plugged in no lights or anything appear, not even on the cable. I have done all the pram etc resets. My conclusion is that it is either the DC in board or logic board. In trying to narrow it down further I came across the following: With no power attached, pushing the battery indicator light yields nothing. But when connected to power, pushing the battery indicator gives one blinking dot. Does this mean the dc-in board is working??

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Try pull-out the main battery and switch-ON the computer. If the system still OFF mean the adapter(or adapter cable) or the DC-to-DC converter faulty. If this occur,it (DC-DC Conv) can't charged main battery and can't deliver current to logic board from adapter. DC-DC Conv + Battery act like UPS.

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