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My Laptop is dead it is a asus g2p /ac7 rog gaming laptop

I like to collect old gaming laptops this is my second one I had it working nice but it wont turn on totally dead ive got 19.64 volts going in no problems but I need to get the schematics so I can try and solve this problem it is model g2p the motherboard is model

a7c main board rev 2.1

p/n 08g27ac00211

I have the service manul but need the schematics and the only way I can find it is through a monthly subscription service and I only want one schematic I don't mind paying but not a years membership.

please help

thanks steve

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Did you buy this laptop dead? Or did it fail while you were using it? If so, could you describe the events that lead up to the laptop failure?


It was working and just wont turn on at all no lights or nothing , I having trouble on the motherboard as there is nothing labelled like r = resistor d=diode and so on .


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@steve61171 Sounds like you have an idea of what your doing and are eager to dig into the mother board but before you do have you done the obvious first ? Static discharge , memory test , Check the screen and video .To do static discharge disconnect battery and power cable then hold down the power button for 60 seconds put the battery back in and plug in the power and try powering on . to test memory pull one stick of memory and try powering it on if that brings no joy then pull the other and try the first you pulled . Then try in opposite dim slots . this will eliminate a bad dim slot or bad stick of memory. Finally check the video by connecting to an external monitor. Sometimes were in such a hurry to get to the guts of the machine we overlook the simple stuff . Hope this helps

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Thanks for your reply I already have done what you have advised before stripping the laptop and removing the motherboard I am trying to trace the voltage in from the dc but having a lot of trouble identifying the small smd components as nothing is marked and the there is writing on the pcb , so realy need the schematic.


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