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Can't find a reliable place to buy this motor.

I’m working on a roomba-like vacuum cleaner that ran over one of those sticky mouse traps, so the owner put it in the dishwasher. Anyway, I cannot find where to buy one of the motors pictured below without buying in bulk (30,000+ pack) from a manufacturer. If anyone could find where I can buy one, that would be great.

with or without the encoder board is fine.

Block Image

Block Image

Only thing on it is:



SMHD216804 RoHS

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I’m searching this motor too…. Where i can buy it?


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If the armature doesn't spin, soak it in WD40 for a couple days to free it up. Once it spins, use an ohm meter to check for dead spots. If a brush type, could have burned a winding. If it looks consistent, I'd disassemble motor and clean / lube everything.

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You can desolder the PCB, but you need to know which is positive and which is negative or it’ll run backwards; motors do not care, but reversed polarity will result in reverse operation.

That looks like a pretty standard motor to me just from how it looks. If you can get the dimensions of it from the specific part number, finding a replacement won’t be hard. Just be careful how you remove the drive gear on the motor or you may break it.

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