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What's wrong with my Battlestar 200w

My Battlestar is saying no atomizer found// atomizer low but my tank works on my other mods and I cleaned the spot atomizer base on my mod any ideas?

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If your atomizer has stopped working, there are 3 possible solutions:

  1. The center firing pin in the atomizer needs to be fixed.
  2. The atomizer needs to be cleaned. (which you have done.)
  3. The atomizer has run its life span and needs to be replaced.

Below is a video on fixing the firing pin:

If that doesn’t work and your battery does any of the following, the atomizer needs to be replaced:

  • Batteries without an LCD screen (like SOURCE orb 4 Premium battery) will blink red 3 times when activated to indicate a short in the atomizer.
  • Batteries with an LCD screen will read "Check Atomizer" or "Check Res!" when activated.

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