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MacBook Late 2006 boots to white screen, but works on external monitor

I recently swapped the display in my Macbook Late 2006. It was cracked and I found a cheap working display on eBay . The Macbook boots okay but the display remains white. I connected an external monitor and the Macbook works fine with that.

Do you think it’s a faulty display?

Or is it possible I have connected the display cables incorrectly?

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Sounds like you got the wrong display assembly. While they look the same they are not the same!

Image MacBook 13.3" Core 2 Duo Display Assembly


MacBook 13.3" Core 2 Duo Display Assembly


Image MacBook 13.3" Santa Rosa/Penryn Display Assembly


MacBook 13.3" Santa Rosa/Penryn Display Assembly


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Ok thanks. I’ll have a look.

Is there a way to check the display part number from System Profiler or using an app?


Plug in your systems S/N into here EveryMac - Lookup it will tell you the exact model you have as they both look the same.

Basically, the Intel graphics services (Intel GMA X3100 & Intel GMA X3100) is what defines which display is needed. As the signaling is different enough that each needs a unique display assembly.


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