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La Nintendo DS Lite sortie en 2006 succède à la DS. Il est simple d'ouvrir cet appareil, rendant les réparations faciles.

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Red light, no screen

When plugged in, I get an orange light, like normal. When I hit the power switch, I get a red light next to the orange light. I get the red light whether it’s plugged in or not, which is strange because the red light should turn green when plugged in. And then nothing. The screens remain black, no sound, nothing. I tested the battery in another DS and it works fine, so the battery is ruled out. The power switch still seems to work as it turns the red LED on and off.. Any ideas?

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Was there custom firmware flashed to this device? If the wrong version is chosen, you can brick the device. The other possibility is that the NAND is corrupted and so while it powers on it does not have the operating system functional enough to boot and tell the board to switch to a green status light.


Firstly, thank you for the reply.

Unfortunately, I don't know the history of this one. I bought a lot of 5 "junk spares or repairs" from eBay. 2 of them worked out of the box and 2 of them fixed up very easily with little effort, telling me the seller probably never even looked at them. Maybe he was clearing house. I really don't know. Got pretty lucky there, but the point, in the first place, was to try and fix them up for fun and have a nice learning experience.. I thought I was getting a bunch of faulty systems, I could swap around the parts, do some diagnosis, and get at least 1 or 2 working that way and learn a bit from itl. For the price, it was a fine idea.. Well I got more than I bargained for with 4 just fine that I'm unwilling to take apart and swap parts around with the non working one for diagnosis... No fun in that :( But I'd still like to get it working.


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Have you tried taking to battery out?

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