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The Gas company checked my dryer and says that there is a slow leak

I have a Maytag Gas dryer model # PYGT244AWW - gas valve #31001485

The Gas company checked my dryer and says that there is a slow leak. We (the gas co. guy and I) checked all the fittings. No leaks. He suggested I can replace valve and possibly other fittings or get a new dryer since the seal around the drum is old and has shrunk.

The dryer works great… but the smell of gas builds up in the dryer between loads, but ONLY ON OCCASION. This makes me think that the valve sometimes closes all the way after a load and other times does not close all the way. …could be a piece of lint preventing it from closing all the way. (The gas Co. guy just happened to test it when it was not closed all the way.)

So, what part do I replace? the valve? the solenoids? the seals on the valve? the thermostat?

I need to know what to order. Thanks for any input.


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my dryer is LG, it was checked by the gas company and I was told that it was leaking from the gas line on the dryer. How do I get it replaced? Brand new, never used and LG won't fix it.


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Hello, In my opinion, I would replace the whole valve assembly for about $177.16

You could maybe find it cheaper through Ebay or Amazon. I wouldn’t even consider taking it apart due to the fact of it has to be perfectly sealed, and you don’t want your house to blow up or catch fire due to leaking gas. It’s not worth the risk!

The gas valve at can be purchased here (includes 2 new solenoids);

Good Luck!

Rich Lilja

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