Spark plug blew out of engine

Spark plug blew out of engine. Top part of spark plug and tighting nut on plug, with just small rod at lower end, no ceramic. Now what. Is it possible to run on 7?

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I was able to go to my mechanic and he was able to heat the area. Using an easy out, he was able to remove the threaded part of the spark plug out. And yes my truck would die at times. I will be getting the 7 other plugs changed carefully, next week. My advice is to check and change plugs regularly. Thanks for input.


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It’s possible, but not recommended. You engine will misfire and can stall every now and then with out that spark plug. If the plug isn’t stuck in the socket, you should run to an auto store and purchase a new spark plug asap. If it is stuck, you’ll have to pull the engine and drill the spark plug out which is probably best left to a mechanic you trust.

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I ran my 1992 Chevy S10 Blazer for three months with 4/6 spark plugs working. It's max speed was maybe 55 and I stalled every now and then when switching from drive to reverse, but it is possible.


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