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The HP Chromebook 11-v002dx was released April 2014, identified by product number X7T68UA. Part of HP’s Chromebook 11 -v000 series.

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Why won't my computer turn on

My chromebook screen is black and it won’t turn on when it was turn off and it won’t wake up the screen black

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First, is it charged? Second, have you spilled liquid on it lately? Third, has it been acting weird before the problem? Was this random?

If one, then charge it. two, there may be no hope. Three, blown capacitor or bad charger. Four, LCD cable may have disconnected, or the LCD connector may be defective. Open up the laptop, and look inside. Check for any corroded, burned, or plain disconnected things. Clean it, check the solder joints, and try again. If not, it may be dead.

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