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Repair information for printers made by Canon.

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Hi all,

I have a Canon Pixma iP7240 and today, mid print for my test, the darned thing popped a B200 error message. This seems to be the print head that’s faulty. Although the net is full of ways to fix it, it’s just not for my particular model. Seems also just a clog which you wash out with water but I cannot get the print head portion out.

Does anyone have any advice for me?

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2 solutions

this error indicate that there is a problem with the cartridge. There are some steps here. The error is general for the cannon printers , not for a specific model. Try these instructions :

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Good morning Thanasis and thank you for your response. I was on that site yesterday. Throughout my search I noticed the error is not model specific but the repair is. That site you gave is brilliant but, because their model has a lever to lift their print head out, where my model doesn't, I can't follow that advise :(

I'm going to take my printer apart this morning and see what I can learn.

Will give feedback.


Ok good luck. If you are going to take it apart , would be good to clean it as well. Sometimes ink cartridge causes all these errors.


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I read a lot of different articles about printer error codes, and this code can also indicate a cartridge malfunction. I had this situation and I searched for a suitable cartridge for a long time because many cartridges were incompatible with my printer because of special characteristics. In addition, due to quarantine, I could not find suitable cartridges and I was just lucky that I came across the site and found there a huge variety of cartridges for different models. It’s just a terrific store, and besides, they are very loyal to their customers. The quality of the goods is simply excellent and after I installed a new cartridge, I no longer received error messages. So it seems to me that this can help you.

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