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Annoncé en juillet 2015, voici le téléphone phare de Motorola. Il est doté d'une caméra de 21 mégapixels, d'un écran PS TFT LCD Quad HD de 5,7 pouces avec une résolution de 1440 sur 2560 pixels. Numéros de modèle : XT1570, XT1579, XT1575 and XT1578.

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After battery replacement, won't turn on

I replaced the battery in my Moto X and now it shows charging the battery but won't turn on.

I plug it into a charger and it comes up showing the charging screen. But doesn't turn on. Any idea why?

It is almost like the power switch isn't working even though I didn't touch the switches.

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the phones I have done in the past have normally needed to be charged for a bit before they would fire up. how long have you charged the new battery.

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At least 30 minutes. With the phones turbo charger, that should have given it at least 50% if it was completely dead.


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I am having same problem and battery is charged to 100%. Cant tell if the one ribbon is seated correctly.

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Had the same issue, had to tear the phone open three times. make sure the all of the cables are seated . The problem in mine came from the power/volume ribbon being attached but not being fully inserted and touching the battery. Even fully inserted it would not power on unless it was touching the battery, also check the flash connection at the motherboard.

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