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L'Apple iPhone 5s fut annoncé le 10 septembre 2013. La réparation de ce modèle est très similaire aux modèles précédents et requiert des tournevis ainsi que des outils pour faire levier. Disponible en version GSM ou CDMA, 16/32/64 Go de stockage et en argent, doré ou gris sidéral.

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iPhone 5s Missing Screws(Got new set of screws)

I have an iPhone 5s which is in bad condition the back cover and the screen. So I already ordered the back cover and the screen replacement. The question is, I noticed that some screws are missing(I ordered also a set of new screws) and I want to put the new ones. How can I find the right screw? There are so many inside the screw set.

Notice: I only need the missing screws(that’s difficult for me

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Can you post some pics of which screws are missing? Someone should be get the specs for you.


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You can use the following guide to get size and shapes of the very careful with screen flat cable connectors shield screws as you might damage the board if screws are not of the exact correct lenght. In any case don’t overtighten screws, board is not exposed to pressure, firmly is fine, forcibly is bad !

Remplacement de la carte mère de l'iPhone 5s

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just leave them out if everything is working. putting the wrong screw in the wrong hole can permanently damage your phone

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I am afraid mostly for the 4 screws(top right corner) that holding the lcd flat cables(you know :P) witch one of them in not magnetized or something like that. They say also in some vids that if you don’t put that unmagnetized in it’s hole the compass etc wont work.

I will see how it’s going to be. I hope I remember to leave feedback guys.

Thank you.

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