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This laptop was released in June of 2014. The Lenovo IdeaPad FLEX 4-1580 1 TB HDD (512 GB SSD) of storage, this is the biggest difference between the is model and prievious ones. Some well known failures for this device is entering sleep mode at random times. This laptop can be opened to a full 360 degrees. The Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 4- 1850 can be identified by its model number : MPNXB6B02050.

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Is glass required for functionality

Laptop was a throw away from a client. She dropped it and spider cracked the glass in several places. Touch screen works only in one spot. The LCD is clear and functioning fine. Only the glass, and therefore the digitizer and bezel is busted. As it was free, I don't want to drop $100-$500 (myself repairing and an estimate from a local business") if I don't have to. I don't ever use the touchscreen, nor find it necessary.

My question(s) - can I remove the glass digitizer and bezel and leave the LCD exposed? Only the glass and digitizer is cracked, no missing pixels or color distortion. LCD looks untouched. For now :)

I'd rather not have to buy a new slim laptop, or spend more money on repairs than it's worth.

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Hi @avemysterious ,

If you’re not prepared to spend some money on it getting the touchscreen repaired, (this requires replacement of the LCD panel as well, as it is a complete assembly) I suggest that you leave it as it is, as the bezel and digitizer are providing extra protection for the LCD screen by preventing direct contact with the screen.

At least the LCD screen will remain clean and you only have to carefully clean the glass, which is a lot safer than having to clean a LCD screen directly

You can always go into Device Manager and disable the touchscreen so that it doesn’t interfere with the operation of the laptop if you accidentally touch a working part of the digitizer.

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Thank you @jayeff for promptly replying!

The glass (with digitizer and bezel attached) can be sold separately from the LCD . I did confirm with Lenovo tech support first. However they could not suggest professionally to replace the part myself. Glass with digitizer and bezel is $80, $100 with shipping. But I am no professional. I can follow directions well, but do not want to take the risk of ruining the laptop and dropping more $$$ to replace it all if I were to fail; almost guaranteed. Although it is tempting. ;-)

I have thought of putting a clear sheet of vinyl even over the LCD to prevent scratching, similar to a screen protector. But was not sure if having a “naked" LCD is, for lack of a better word, damaging. More so than gritting my teeth through the nuisance of the spider cracks as there is no other damage, thankfully!


Hi @avemysterious ,

I was only going on what the service manual shows in the parts list. It doesn't mention a separate digitizer. ;-)


@jayeff - oh I know! I contacted Lenovo support only because during my research of the how's and ifs I could even replace the screen, did I come to learn there were so many parts! I thought it was all one part; screen with glass, etc. I saw many sites such as eBay and Amazon that had the glass capable of being sold separate from the LCD. I thought it was a ploy to get people to drop $$$ on something that truly wouldn't work.


Hi @avemysterious ,

One way to know for sure is to remove the LCD unit from the laptop. (use the service manual to see how to do this)

As there is no mention of a separate digitizer connection on the motherboard the digitizer/motherboard wire functions must be incorporated in with the LVDS cable from the motherboard to the LCD panel connector.

If on the back of the LCD panel you can see a separate cable being connected from "behind" (the front of the LCD panel so to speak) into the LCD panel this may indicate that it could be the digitizer connection (which is then connected internally? to the LVDS connector) then perhaps it may be replaced as a separate unit. But if there is only the one cable (LVDS) showing on the back of the panel, I would be thinking that the digitzer and the LCD panel were bonded and that the digitizer connection to the LCD panel's LVDS cable connector was internal to the complete assembly, but as I don't know your particular laptop, I could be totally wrong about this ;-)


That is, you can only change the front glass? Without replacing the entire matrix?


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