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Why does my screen not show any images, but touch works?

I replaced my iphone’s screen, but does not have any have any image shown on the lcd. Touch works by turning on voice assistant and then tapping on different parts of the screen to things like emergency call.

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Try shining a light to your screen in a darker environment to see if a faint image is there with no backlight. If that’s the case it might probably be a backlight circuit issue. That could happen as a consequence of a bad hit and it’s a relatively common issue. It would need microsoldering skills to be taken care of.

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Don’t fret. Power down the device, double check all of your connections and try again. If you still get no display, troubleshoot with a known working screen. You can try the old one if it still has display or order a new screen to test again. Try not to damage the screen you are using because you may be entitled to a warranty return. It’s usually just a faulty part which can happen sometimes.

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The old display is no longer functional in that the lcd has a large hole in it, but I will try ordering a new screen.


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