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PlayStation 4 CUH-10xxA optical drive isn’t getting power?

I recently replaced the hdmi port on my brothers PlayStation 4 CUH-10xxA (the first ps4). After getting everything put back together the hdmi port works fine but when I turn it on the disc drive acts like it is tryin to spin (there is no disc inside it) then it stops and makes no noise. I try to put a disc in and it won’t pull it in or do anything. I’ve taken it back apart and checked the rollers and gears and everything looks fine. It just acts like theres no power to it now. Yes I have hooked all the ribbon cables back up correctly, but when I torn it down initially for the hdmi repair I noticed from the factory one of the ribbon cables was kinked a little. So I guess my question would be has anyone had a problem with no power getting to the optical drive? I don’t want to order a new one for $60 cause this one looks fine, can I just order the cables necisarry on ifixit, I don’t see any on here but I didn’t know if it’s something I could email them about? And lastly, does anyone have a schematic of the cables and what they do for the opticle drive? Any help is greatly appreciated and I apologize for the long description.

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There are several things that you’ll want to check.

1) Make sure that the large, flat ribbon cable that goes from the motherboard to the disc drive is good on the ends. Many people accidentally tear the ears off when they pull it out. Also, make sure it’s plugged in fully and straight.

2) Check the eject button…make sure it’s clean and making good contact with the copper pad on the disc drive board.

I think one of those two things is probably the problem.

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