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Model A1311 / Late 2009 / 3.06 or 3.33 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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iMac 21.5 late 2009 blackscreen, gpu to replace?

hi folks

so I got this iMac EMC 2308 which can start but with a black screen. Diagnosis LEDs show me 2 LEDs lighted up, the 2 first I guess. I see them through the bottom of the iMac, at the right side of the RAM.

The screen doesn’t show anything even with a flashlight. Nothing happens when I plug an external screen. Bluetooth mouse and keyboard don’t connect to the iMac. Well I guess the GPU is dead, right?

Is there anything I can do/test to be sure of this pronostic? What do you think?

Thank you


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Sadly, I think your logic board has died. This series uses two chips (North & South Bridge) for the South Bridge chip is responsible for the I/O to the SATA drives, USB, PCIe devices (WiFi) and Audio. This chip has failed.

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Does it change your feeling about it if I add that the iMac plays the starting sound on start up?


Sorry, I've seen this failure before and spent days tearing out my hair. I'm sure!

You are expecting the whole chip would fail, so f the audio is working how could the chips be bad? Here it's the other parts of the I/O circuitry that failed.


thanks dude. So need another logic board... ok.. I would never have guessed an issue of this kind by myself!!


hi there... so i bought a 2nd hand logic board and replaced the former one.. and the result is staying the same... so i hope you guys have a clue of what's going on because i really don't :o


Sounds like you got a bad logic board, return it and get your money back.


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