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iPhone X screen is frozen

I just had my screen replaced 2 Friday´s ago, I dropped my phone again. The screen has been working fine but I just updated my phone and now my screen wont work at all. What do I do?

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3 solutions

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  1. From the lock screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen then enter the passcode if prompted.
  2. Tap Settings  then tap Display & Brightness.
  3. Tap Auto-Lock then select the auto-lock time interval (e.g., 1 Minute, 2 Minutes, 5 minutes, etc.).

 Selected when a check mark is present.

  1. Tap  Back then tap  Settings.

 Located in the upper-left.

  1. Tap Face ID & Passcode then tap Turn Passcode On.

 If passcode is already turned on, enter the passcode then skip to step 8.

  1. Enter then re-enter the passcode.
  2. If preferred, tap Change Passcode then:
    1. Enter the old passcode then enter and confirm new passcode.
    2. Tap Done.
  3. From the 'ALLOW ACCESS WHEN LOCKED' section, tap any of the following desired switch(es) to turn on  or off :

 When turned on, access is allowed when the screen is locked.

  • Today View
    • Notification Center
    • Control Center
    • Reply with Message
    • Home Control
    • Return Missed Calls
    • USB Accessories
    • Erase Data

 When turned on, all data on device is erased after 10 failed passcode attempts.

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It could be because of the new update has “locked’ the phones screen because it was a 3rd party screen and not a “apple screen”. I have seen it happen too many times. If the screen is not cracked, take it back to where it was replaced and have them swap it out with another screen and make sure it works.

sometimes if the screen is a poor quality, any single drop will cause it to become unresponsive

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Repair iOS system is a way to fix the iPhone X screen frozen problem. If you're looking for the best iOS System recovery tool, you can check here.

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