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Model A1347 with 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor.

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Do I need Extra Ethernet Cables when using the Gigabit Ethernet Switch

I have a Netgear Ethernet Switch GS105 , but I don’t think that I can connect it properly yet.

It appears that I will need two extra Ethernet cables, one from my Router to the Switch and then another one from the Gigabit Switch to the Server PC or Mac,

I am not sure which Cable Category that I should have for this or if it should be a special cable.

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FYI: Medium-dependent interface

"Newer routers, hubs and switches (including some 10/100, and all 1 gigabit or 10 gigabit devices in practice) use auto MDI-X for 10/100 Mbit connections to automatically switch to the proper configuration once a cable is connected."


"Gigabit and faster Ethernet links over twisted pair cable use all four cable pairs for simultaneous transmission in both directions. For this reason, there are no dedicated transmit and receive pairs, and consequently, crossover cables are never required for 1000BASE-T communication"

If you need to get things going in a pinch you can use a straight cable between the client and server systems! All 1Gig & 10Gig devices will auto set to the correct connections using Cat5e & 6 cables.


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Correct: You will need two standard (not crossover) ethernet cables, one going from your router to port #5 on the switch, and the other going from your computer to any of the other four ports. The switch should have come with a cable.

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A straight Cat5e or Cat6 cable will also work back to back between the systems you don't need a hub or switch device if all you need is to move stuff between the two systems.


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Here’s some info about which cables types to buy:

Cat5e vs Cat6 Cables: What are the Differences?

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