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The Samsung Chromebook Pro can be identified by its model number XE510C24.

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Why won't my touchscreen work with my fingers but the stylist?

Today during class I accidentally dropped my Chromebook flat on its screen while trying to show one of my peers our project. I picked it up instantly and examined it. I think it looked perfectly good until when I tried touching the screen, I noticed it would not respond to my touch. I took out the stylist and it worked perfectly fine. Further more, I somehow accidentally disabled the touch pad. So now I am stuck with using it like a tablet with only the stylist. I cannot even use Autodesk Sketchbook; please help.

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Note: I don't know if I can get another because I got it for free for the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow challenge, and I don't have the money to get one.


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have you found a solution yet? i have the same problem. i thought a wire or connector may have come loose but i haven’t opened the screen to check yet.

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