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Can I Test the Home Button before removing it from Original Screen?

During a screen replacement job, is there any way to test the home button before I remove it from the original screen if that screen is not working?

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You can, but the phone will need to have enough charge to turn on. You can press the home button and feel the haptic feedback from it. Some phones may have it on silent so flip the side switch if needed.

I do end up in most cases testing with another screen with the home button installed.

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Thanks Ben. I have seen home button test cable for iPhone 7 on the net, although I have been unable to get one. The 2 screen flex cables closest to the home button, do they both need to be connected for the display to work or could you connect one and then connect the other to the home button and test it that way?


I'm not sure exactly which cable is used for the home button on the screen but I always have both of them connected when testing.

Leaving either disconnected is rather risky as it could brush against the contacts of the screen connectors on the board and cause a short.


I am going to test it and let you know when I do. When ever I do any testing with additional contacts flapping about I always put some masking tape over, just to make sure.


the homebutton flex is the one closest to the edge of the phone, to test just remove homebutton into the new screen (without moving camera over) and test.


Thanks Chris. I was hoping test before moving, that way I can establish if the home button is working before I tamper with it.


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