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Why my washing machine won't stop unless unplugged?

Hi! I have Indesit 71o5 washer and dryer and it just won't stop when done, unless i unplug it completely, it keeps running for hours. Any ideas?

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Is it hung on a particular cycle?


No., it did not. It just goes to the end and then probably repeats the cycles.


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Try this fix:

Place the cycle knob on "Normal". Then turn one complete to to the left.

Then three clicks to the right.

Then one click to the left.

Then one click to the right.

Now all the lights will begin to flash.

Now turn to the right until the "Wash, Rinse, Complete" lights are all lit.

Press the Start button.

Unplug the washer from the wall for "10 seconds".

Plug it back in.

No Lights = Fixed.

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Could be the timer or the circuit board is bad. Need to have a service person check it out.

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