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Une caméra d'action 4K produite par Akaso, mise sur le marché en janvier 2017. La caméra comprend un dispositif Wi-Fi et peut être télécommandée à distance.

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How do I update the firmware on this camera. I can't find the download

If you know where to get it pleas leave the link and details with how to find it there. Cheers!

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Hi @sky_in_general

I've found only V1 firmware by AKASO, but there are no others links, try to write on the technical support for a newest firmware. It would be the best way to get latest update.


where is that? on the website of akaso?


ok, could you explain the exact download process? Because I see varying techniques on the internet. I just formatted the sd card then drag and dropped the file onto the card and put it into the camera. When I booted up the camera. It never came up with any firmware update icon and I still have the same issue of freezing after I start recording and then losing the recording after about 1 minute.


I think, you must use their APP called Ismart DV APP - Because they recommend software updates via Ismart. I don't know, if there is any other way to a successful update.


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Your best bet - is NOT TO

these cheap cams generally do not get updated.

Even when they do, is variant dependant, NOT accumulative.

V1, V2, V3 are not progressions but different hardware suppliers, so they are not updates, but separate firmware that's NOT interchangeable.

I don't know specifically about this cam, but this is a clone of the Eken H9 I think, (probably OEM from Eken) and with that cam there's over 25 variants of the same basic cam

All not interchangeable

Also the Akaso EK7000

has fake 4k

Fake pic resolution for anything over 4mp

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usually the firmware download is “zipped” - so you have to uncompress the file,

this should be sphost.brn

copy that to the root directory of a blank sd card of at least 8gb

  1. place into the cam, and turn on
  2. it should start the update process - then shut down after a couple of minutes. LEAVE IT OFF
  3. REMOVE THE SD CARD and format in a pc - BEFORE you turn the cam back on.
  4. go to the menu and reset the cam ( near the last item in the menu) - restart the cam again
  5. go to the menu look at version ( near the last item in the menu)

that said . ….. updating these types of cams - Is a bad idea

MOSTLY the updates are not improvements, they are for compatibility reasons, different hardware components are used, (- hense the “New firmware”) and likely differs from the hardware in “Your” cam, and you will “brick it” (won’t work)

99% of problems - are because the sd card you have is too slow (or the wrong firmware already)

- you need a FAST WRITE SPEED U1 card

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