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Can’t get broken screen off iPhone 8 with ifixit tools

I’m following instructions, and can’t get the broken screen off. We’ve tried heating it with a hair dryer, laying it on a heating pad, & covering it with packaging tape. Suggestions? I hate that I just spent $80 on the ifixit repair kit, but still may have to take it in for repair!

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Try going as hot as possible, and using more force with the plastic tool. there can be a lot of glue in there.


I use razor blade on the bottom of the screen to start lifting up the screen after removing the two pentalobe screws then run my nails along with the assist of the razor blade to pry up the screen a bit from the sides.

Take note of the bottom right screen cables don't want to yank or pull the screen too high before unhooking the 3 metal clips at the top of the screen.


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Using tweezers or a razor blade, try to insert it on the left bottom corner of your iPhone. You have here a little hole in the plastic frame of the phone, letting you insert one of these two tools. Pry your screen by leveraging once you’ve inserted one. Take note that this operation may damage a bit your chassis, but that’s the cost of this repair.

NB : Have you tried putting a glass protection screen on top of your broken display ? This might help cover the holes in the shattered glass which are making the suctions cup irrelevant.

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