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iPhone 4 pouces commercialisé depuis mars 2016 avec une configuration de matériel similaire à l'iPhone 6s. Disponible en Argent, Gris sidéral, Or ou Or Rose, avec 16 ou 64 Gb de stockage. Modèles A1662 et A1723.

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iPhone SE Motherboard replacement

My iPhone SE always restart and sleep event in charging battery or play.

if i change new motherboard it will fix this issue? i already change new battery.

please help advice.

Thank very much for your advice.

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Yeah pry damage or a bad battery is usually the cause. There are usually 4 components right above battery connector and commonly one or more of them is pried off or damaged. May be hard to spot if not under a microscope.

It’ll require someone that does micro-soldering to fix this problem if this is the case.

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Restarting can be caused by some small parts also like you cameras proximity flex charging dock, I would disconnect these and see if that helps.

Other causes could be the swi filter causing re boot every 2 minutes this is normall caused by pry damage.

Tristar failure can also be a cause.

If you decide to replace the board you could still face the same problem if the above suggestions has not been rulled out.

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