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La Nintendo Switch est une console de jeu portable qui peut être jouée sur un téléviseur via une station d'accueil ou bien seule. Sortie le 3 mars 2017.

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Why isn't the solder melting?

I have a Nintendo switch that has a broken port I bought the tools and equipment for it and have set the temperature on my hot air rework station set to 350c but no luck and I even tried putting flux but still nothing, I don't know if I am giving it enough heat or I am missing something, I am a newbie when it comes to this stuff, any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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I have the same issue but I was able to get it off but there is old solder left in the four holes and it is preventing the port from sitting flush


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The Type-C port requires a lot of heat to remove. Have you added leaded solder on the charging port pins to lower the melting point of the solder?

Leaded solder has a lower melting point compared to non-leaded solder which will be what the components on the logic board are soldered with.

Check out this video for reference:

A board preheater (This helps a lot) is used along with a soldering iron and a hot air gun at the same time to remove the type-C port.

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