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Mis sur le marché par Samsung en mars 2016. Modèle SM-G930V.

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Recent key isn't working after rebuild


My screen cracked and I replaced the digitizer, screen and daughter board (tools and parts all purchased from ifixit). When I put everything back together the recents key lights up (with the back key and yes the back key and home button work) but does not respond when I tap it. I tried updating the phone followed by a restart and it still doesn't work. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this could be??

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Jason,

The most likely scenario is there could be a possible tear in the flex for the recent key. Can you test it working with a new charging port flex?

Or you can try the connector and check every pin to be uniform, then make sure it is seated properly. Occasionally this may not be completely connected.

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Tim, thank you for reaching out. I disassembled the phone again and checked all connections and everything is seated properly. I am unable to test with a different board (the one I ordered from is brand new), and I know the flex cable does not have any tears bc I was extremely careful. I hope they didn't send me a faulty board... thanks again Tim!


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