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The Nikon D40 was released in 2006 as an entry level DSLR.

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Why does D40 make a fast repetitive clicking when I press shutter?

It usually takes a photo, but every so often it will just make click, click, click,click sounds that repeat until I take my finger off the shutter button. Then no matter what setting I choose it won’t work. If I try again a few minutes later it is back to being responsive again. What is the issue?

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First thought…

It may be the mirror not moving up before taking the photo. If it does it again, look thru the viewfinder while it’s happening. Does the image (which is just a view thru the lens via the mirror to the eyepiece) stay visible? If so, the mirror is definitely not moving. If the image in the viewfinder goes black, then it’s something else.

Second is, whether you have the camera set for multiple photos per shutter press, or single photo. That may also be an issue. Check those and let us know.

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The image remained visible when it was happening. I have it set as single photo. I believe it might be the lens . I noticed that when I press the shutter and the clicking sounds start the little green dot that is supposed to alert me to the focus being OK does not show up. I changed from autofocus to manual and the picture was taken. Still, as this does not happen every time I have to keep trying it out to see if that is the issue. If the lens is the issue does that mean I need to buy another or can the lens that came with the camera be fixed?


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