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Teardowns and repair information for iFixit tools.

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Need new iFixit app!

I know how back in 2015 the Apple App Store removed the iFixit app because they were violating Apples terms and services.

I think that we should bring back the iFixit app but instead make it downloadable through iFixit website so its not violating their terms and Apple can’t take it down whenever they feel like it.

The iFixit website is great and its definitely gotten really good over time for mobile devices but I think it would be nice to have that platform back again.

Tell me below on what you think.

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FYI - Just so you know the whole story Apple shipped a new Mac mini to them, as per the custom iFixit did a teardown! Apple didn't like that ;-}


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I personally use an iPad and just create a shortcut for my desktop to launch the web page. When the weather is good you’ll often find me outside pecking away on my iPad posting here ;-}

It's a lot of work to maintain different flavors of apps and a web site!

I think iFixit needs to focus on what they do best, and not get lost spending man-hours in too many directions with little benefit in the long run.

As you likely know IFIXIT is working hard on the Right to Repair movement! Which I think is a better direction for not only iFixit, but all of us and the world at large!

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Given the contentious relationship we have with Apple on the'Right to Repair' movement I doubt Apple will grant iFixit access to the App Store again. for any app. Lets not get lost in the small stuff when we have bigger battles that are more important.


@danj @ tomchai - Now that Apple has right to repair do you think they'll let the iFixit app back on?


@beanman56 - Hold on here!! Apple is not supporting the Right to Repair!

They have only offered what they see as repairable options for a limited set of repairs for a limited set of iPhones.

Basically, they realize the tide has turn, so far this is a bone with no real meat, they are hoping it removes them as the target.

So has it solved the repairability of their other devices does it cover deeper issues?

Repairability starts in the products design! As an example locate an old IBM PS/2 repair/service manual all of the major assemblies/parts are held in by snaps! And the tool needed is supplied within the case! With very few screws, all standard as well. Look at the details IBM put into their guides. Frankly, they went to far in the other direction! Look at the size of the service manual I posted, the repair manuals go into the how's.

That is the level we need across all the hardware companies!


@danj - I see, I got an idea!

I know (at least with unity) you can just load an app straight on to your iPhone or iPad


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Downloading app from webpage DOES violate their terms, as you will need an enterprise certificate to sign the app to sideload, which per terms and conditions only available to enterprise employees.

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Pretty sure iOS restricts app installs only via app store or signed apps.

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Definitely it should be back again

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I think that would be great tbh. I’ve always wanted one before. Hopefully they do make an app.

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