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The Galaxy J6, released in 2018, is the successor to the Galaxy J5.

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Touch screen is not working after the update

Recently i changes my J6 display due to crack. Today i recieved the software upate and i updated it.

when the updat finish and phone restarted, the touch screen is not working.

What is the solution ????

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Did you back up you'r phone before updating?


Nope. i did not expect that


Can you try plugging it into a PC and backing up like that?


how to fix it?


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2 solutions

Could be a weird bug with the new update. If you can, try factory resetting the phone. You could have also just had unlucky timing and the screen just decided to die on you. Most likely it’s some kind of software issue.

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At this point, presumably, you have already got a solution.

Just for the record:

You can connect a usb mouse using an OTG cable to operate the device. For backing up data, you need a bluetooth mouse to operate the device freeing the charging port to connect the phone to a computer.

Then you can enable usb debbuging and oem unlocking and go after a file to patch and fix the actual problem, without having to disassemble your device and avoiding the risk of losing your data.

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