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Il s'agit d'appareils qui fabriquent des objets tridimensionnels à partir de données numériques par des méthodes additives. Les matériaux utilisés varient entre les plastiques et les métaux.

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E1 Thermal Runaway Error

I have an Anycubic Kossel Delta Linear Plus and when I try to print a file, when it starts to heat up the hot end it gives me the “E1 Heating failed Printer Halted Please Reset” message. Then when I turn it off and back on and then auto home it, I get the “Homing failed Printer Halted, Please Reset” message. I have tried changing the thermistor on the Hot end and it printed one small file (17 minutes long) then when I tried to print the same file again I got the same message. What can I do to fix this issue?

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Meaning of error

The heating failure error is caused by the printer thinking that the selected temperature is reached too slow, this can be caused by some unknown temporary fault and a reset is all that is needed.

Your Solution

I have never heard of this causing the problem, but since you were able to print other files than the one you get the error on, I get a feeling that there may not be something wrong with the printer itself and that it is caused by an error in the sliced print file. So try reslicing the 3D model and try printing with the new file again.

If the problem is only for longer prints and not shorter ones since you have tried most of the things under "Usual Solutions", but I have added a few things more than the ones you tried. Especially the one about a loose heater/temperature sensor and check if the heater is the faulty part.

Usual Solutions

( I know that you have tried most the steps below, I will just write them for others having the same problem in the future. )

If you keep getting the error, make sure that all cables from the printer head are fully connected. One thing I have experienced causing the problem and not understanding why is the heater getting loose at higher temperatures, so try heating it up slightly and carefully tightening the screws holding the heater in place. This can be done for the temperature sensor as well. CAUTION: REMEMBER THAT IT IS VERY HOT!

If this won't help, check if the hotend is getting hot or not by trying to manually extrude some filament. If this works, there is a problem with the temperature sensor and if you can't extrude any filament the problem is most likely caused by a faulty heater.

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