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New battery, no battery icon.

I just installed a new battery in my Nano 3rd gen. It now powers up but has no battery icon at all. At the top of the screen is the bar where it should be, but no icon. The bar is a purplish color. I don’t know if the battery is charging when plugged in. And it will not sync with a computer. I’ve tried all the online remedies of restarting etc to no avail. I think the Nano itself may be malfunctioning, but not sure. Anyone had these symptoms?

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I think you were right in suspecting that the iPod Nano itself is malfunctioning because replacing a battery on a device like this is a very long and delicate process that requires a lot of tools. It’s very easy to make an error without even realizing it. Perhaps Apple should manufacture more devices with user-friendly methods of battery replacement.

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