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Part of my iPhone x screen is not responsive.

I dropped my iphone x in a light drop as well. i picked it up and the phone looked fine. no cracked screen or anything wrong with the display, but 1/3 of the screen on the top part is not responding to touch, and it becomes responsive at the bottom of the screen. Is it possible for only a wire or something to be misplaced because the screen looks completely fine and the rest of the touch screen that works works perfectly.

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You'r digitizer that needs to be replaced.

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can you replace the digitzer without replacing the whole screen? and if you can how much does it cost


Unfortunately you cant to it by yourself but the are places that will do it for you . Unfortunately the part is expensive[Displays]=on


If it's still in warranty go to apple to get the screen replaced under warranty. Just tell em the touch stopped working suddenly one day, don't tell them that you dropped it of course.


Sure that sounds like a good idea let me know how it goes.

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