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Fourth generation wireless keyboard made by Apple. Released in October 2015. Model A1644.

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Issue with one key

So im getting this weird issue, on my magic keyboard. The down arrow does’t work by itself. no water damage

but if i press shift and down arrow it will scroll down

also if i press command and down arrow it will also scroll down

but if i press the down arrow by itself it wont do anything.

what have i done so far

  • cleaned the weird silicone dome inside the key with isopropyl alcohol
  • factory reset the keyboard
  • let it discharge and recharge it

nothing helped so far

anyone else had encountered this error?

Thanks in advance


I include a picture of the issue

Block Image

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The switches contact blister has failed. The keyboard is not really repairable.

Update (03/29/2019)

Yes, this can be confusing! Why does pressing two keys make it work!

This gets into the mechanics on how a keyboard works. Simply put, its like a spreadsheet a group of columns and rows, in this case the down key has failed so when the neighboring key (electrically) is also pressed the signal gets driven to the decoder logic within the keyboard and it accepts it as the key you wanted.

Often times a liquid spill is the cause of this type of problem.

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But how it works when pressing shift+down and command+down. I can confirm this on the on-screen keyboard key pressed, but only in combination with other key.

The way I can make the down key work is by pressing F5+Arrow Down, since F5 doesn't do anything will not affect in the response of going down one cell, on numbers app, for example


Thanks for the quick reply. Can it get fixed?


Sorry, this keyboard is just not repairable! Review the teardown Vue éclatée du Magic Keyboard


Thanks Dan, well this is just great, what an expensive PoS...


I personally prefer the wired keyboard. Here's a refurbished unit Apple Aluminum Wired Keyboard MB110LL/A (Refurbished) Still the best Apple keyboard!


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