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A two-in-one laptop that functions as both a laptop and tablet by flipping the screen around.

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WiFi, screen orientation, and pen button constantly flashes

Has anyone ran into this problem? My wifi whole program completely disappeared… I can't change the orientation of the screen… and the button you press to switch to use pen on the keyboard.. is constantly flashing and doesn't let me switch to it.. I've tried EVERY reset way you can… it does show theirs disc errors that are repairing and will take hours but only runs for maybe 5 min and doesn't change Anything…please help with what I need/can do to fix this or if I'm S.O.L and is garbage.. this was my favorite.. coolest laptop I've ever had…

Thanks in advance…


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According to CrimsonAsh: “Before you guys start any of these, make sure threes at least 30% battery left and plugged in at all times.

1st step update VGA Intel & Firmware Type C from the following link ++

2nd step ++

Last and final step ++

Oh and make sure to run driver 5ncn38ww.exe as Adminstrator Install the driver, dont run any other programs or activities and shut the laptop down during the process .

Good luck guys i hope it works”

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