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Beats Solo 2 Wireless headphones are a wireless version of the Beats Solo 2. Released in 2014. Model number: MHNG2AM/A.

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The hinge that lets the headphones fold has broken. Any way to fix it?

There’s a hinge held by two little screws and thin metal rod on each side of the headphones. Over time, one of the hinges has broke. I have been unable to find a replacement piece and can not find anyone with the same problem.

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@butterboy a couple of good pictures off the damage will be helpful. Use this guide to add pictures to your question Ajout d'images à une question existante


Mine are too loose and i don't Know what to do either, i did order them online and the hinges are just loose, my headphones can't keep firm


Loose and broken headphone hinge and/or slider can be repaired and adjusted. Replacement hinge parts and instructions can be found by searching.

The headband length slider adjustment is not as easily found. It is adjusted when the assembly is opened. The YouTube video titled “ Beats Studio 3 Wireless Battery Replacement - Repair Tutorial “ by Joe’s Gaming shows the technique between 4:48 and 5:14. The Studio 3 headphones are a different model, but the headband length adjuster is similar and the same adjustment works for the Beats Solo 2. Access to the components is similar but not identical. The Beats Studio 3 disassembly and reassembly show in that video are not identical to the Beats Solo 2. Use disassembly and reassembly instructions for the Beats Solo 2. Only the headband slider adjustment technique shown between 4:48 and 5:14 is suggested.


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If you are taking about the hinge at 3:40 seconds of this guide, it appears it is just a pin and socket and the plastic pin may have broken off:

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