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The Lenovo Ideapad Flex 4-1570 was released in April 2016 and can be identified by the product number Flex 4 15 (80SB0004US).

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Blank Lenovo Flex 5 Screen Repair


My Lenovo Flex 5 has a blank screen when ever I turn it on. In the past I solved this by pushing the screen into place, but that no longer returns the digital display to use. It started to flicker about 4 months ago.

At first, I fixed it by bending the screen to a working orientation, then by pushing it into place. However, neither solution works now. Can I repair it, or must I replace the screen?

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I'm not sure what I want to ask, but the simple version is that within months of buying my Lenovo Flex 5 laptop, it simply stopped working. No warning. No indication of a problem. Just dead.

I also can't afford to take the computer for repairs (no insurance policy) so I actually have had to purchase another less expensive, non-Lenovo laptop in order to do my work. I have very little "disposable income."

I went so far as to very carefully open the computer just to see if there were some visible "loose connection," but as they say with cancer patients, I just had to sew it up again and draw a sheet over it.

So my question is simply, is there any hope for getting the Flex 5 operating again? I realize you can't answer without knowing what the problem is. I guess I just hate the idea of having this machine and not being able to use it.


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Hi @humaneengineer ,

Try shining a torch at an angle close to the screen to check if you can see an image at all when the laptop is turned on.

If you can see an image you have a backlight problem. This may be in the systemboard, (backlight power supply circuit), the eDP cable (damaged where it passes through the hinges to get from the systemboard to the screen or loose connection at either end) or the LCD unit (faulty backlight circuit)

Hopefully it is not in the systemboard. Flexing the screen before may have caused movement in the systemboard / lower case masking the location of the actual problem.

If you cannot detect an image then try connecting an external monitor to the laptop to check if its’ display stays on OK when you flex the laptop’s screen.

Even a TV can be used as an external monitor as long as you have a HDMI cable with suitable connectors at each end.

If the problem is with the LCD screen (or possibly the eDP cable or its‘ connection to the screen or systemboard) then here’s a link to the service manual for the laptop.

Scroll to p.52 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the LCD unit. Initially this will help to gain access so that you can check the eDP cable connection to the systemboard before having to remove the LCD unit

If you determine that the problem is either a faulty LCD module or even a faulty eDP cable, on p.74 of the manual you’ll find the part numbers (FRU number) for the LCD unit - Item #2 and the eDP cable -item #5.

If you search online using the part number only in the search box of your browser, you’ll get results for suppliers of the parts.

Usually the part number is printed on the back of a LCD panel if you wish to verify that you are looking for the correct part. Not sure if it is also printed on the eDP cable or not, hopefully it is.

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I notice this was posted April 1st—you ain't trolling about the torch, are ya? ;)


Hi @humaneengineer ,

LCD panels use inbuilt backlighting (nowadays LEDs, previously CCFL tubes) to "light up" the LCD image on the display

Using a torch or any other light source held at an angle close to the screen is a good way to check for an image on any LCD display which doesn't "light up" when powered on.

With an external light source the display image will be very faint but if it is there it proves that the display information is being sent to the screen from the GPU (or CPU if GPU function is incorporated in it).

Try using the torch in a darkened room and see if that helps if you can't detect an image in a normally lit room

If there is no image then you may have a motherboard problem or panel problem, that is why I said to use an external monitor to check if there is a display on it, proving the GPU (or CPU) is OK.


Torch is British for flashlight. :-)


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Hi @Larry Janowski,

If you purchased the laptop from new and it is only months old, i.e <12 months old, you don’t need to have extra insurance cover.

It will still be covered by the manufacturer’s 12 month warranty policy.

Contact Lenovo support in your location and make a claim for a manufacturer’s warranty repair.

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