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Modèle A1278 mi-2010 / processeur core 2 Duo à 2.4 ou 2.66 GHz

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Does a LVDS to LVDS coupler exist?

This question is mainly for the pro community out there. @mayer @danj

I was bored and came across this video the other day. Obviously not rocket science, but I had never thought of reusing old LCDs and repurposing them as thin, portable monitors. I figured sometime in the next few weeks I would get around to actually attempting to build one.

So, I had a 2010 MBP laying around (water damage) from a client that she gave to me. Because it’s outdated and the logic board replacement is $200, I decided to make some cash from it by selling the RAM & battery on eBay. Though, after seeing the video, I disconnected the display enclosure and thought: it would be cool to have a custom-made external display that still maintains the aluminum case with the apple logo. This way, using my MacBook Air, it looks like two near-identical screens.

In the video, however, the guy uses the male-end of the cable to connect it into the LCD. I have the opposite situation, I have a male end coming out, which then needs to be connected to a controller board. However, I cannot find a controller board that has a female 30-pin connecter that is compatible for this LCD.

Question: do 30-pin to 30-pin LVDS “couplers” exist? Or is there some reason electronically why this wouldn’t work? This is way beyond me so I figured I’d ask the pros.


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I built a monitor out of an old iMac. It was kind of fun. I found the kits on eBay. But after adding up what it cost to do and comparing the price of a brand new monitor it was not economically a good idea. Here’s are photos of what I did:

How to build a display using a iMac

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