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The Shark Pet Perfect II (SV780) is an 18V lightweight, cordless hand vacuum that can carry out powerful cleaning.

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Runs for only one second

Shark 18 volt vacuum will turn on, run for one second, and then turn off.

Update (04/07/2019)

It’s an 18 volt hand held. Shark, model SV780_N. I thought it might be a bad switch. When I took it apart, I found the switch has a circuit board attached to it. Is this some kind of overload cutout? When I jumper across the switch(bypassing the circuit board) it will keep running, meaning the battery is good.

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Daughter has same model with same problem - runs for one second, then stops. She had replaced the battery which resolved the problem for a while. It is now experiencing same issue. Using a meter, I determined that the charging cord is working properly but the wires to the battery are not providing power to the battery to charge it. I opened the unit and found a circuit board under the switch; will add pics. Assuming the board provides battery charge monitoring, I bypassed the circuit and charged the battery for an hour (battery got slightly warm, but never hot). When I removed the bypass and tested the unit, it continued to run until I turned it off. Circuit board is too complicated for me to troubleshoot - a two-sided surface-mount board.

Update (12/29/23)

Block Image

Block Image

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Paul Nowack  there really is not enough information on here. It sounds like a bad battery. It may not supply the required voltage needed and may fail under a load. Let us know what exact model this is and what you have checked.

Update (04/07/2019)

Thanks for the updated information. Would have been great to know ahead of time :-)

Post some good images of the switch PCB. Possibly some bad component on it and you should try to use a multimeter to see where the switch circuit is on that PCB.

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