samsung s8 plus not turning on or giving signal of life

Hello All,

I would like to ask all of you for help with a problem I am quite not able to solve.

Problem: samsung S8 + not turning on, nor giving any signal of life.

Actions taken:

  1. Phone put on charge and left for at least one hour before turning on
  2. Battery replaced with a new original battery and tried booting again
  3. Used button combination to boot in safe mode
  4. Used button combination to perform hard reset

With all the above mentioned steps i did not even get a LED notification, a vibration (sound) nor a logo. Just to be sure the problem again is that the phone is not reacting at all. It does not turn on, show images nor vibrate.

Intended actions:

  1. replace screen (it did work and function so this might be useless)
  2. send it to samsung for motherboard repair.

If any of you has a suggestion how to solve this. MORE THAN WELCOME!!

Thank you in advance people! I appreciate it.

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