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The Mac Pro First Generation is an Intel Xeon-based workstation computer manufactured by Apple Inc. The first generation model includes the machines from 2006 through 2008.

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How do I install airport card in Mac Pro 2006?

The illustrated installation airport is nice but not for the Mac Pro First Generation. I need to know which card (I have several) to use and how to install it inside the Mac Pro 2006 1,1 (OSX 10.7.5, 32GB Ram, 2 500GB HD’s, 2 750GB HD’s) I upgraded the CPU’s from the original dual dual processors (4 cores) to the Dual Quad Processors (8 cores) it works fine but unable to flash it to 2,1. See “Flash Firmware From MacPro1,1 to MacPro2,1 OSX 10.7

So It would be nice to see a guide for the installation of the airport card for the First Generation Mac Pro’s.

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The best thing is to locate the Mac Pro Service Source manual which is floating out on the internet, as we don’t have a guide to install it

Here’s the needed part: Mac Pro, Intel iMac, ATV1 Airport card (2006) But this card only supports the older 802.11n WiFi standard.

Frankly, I would recommend you just use an external Ethernet WiFi hub so you can get a faster connection and full security (WAP).

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I did find some service manuals but nothing shows a "how-to" it assumes the tech already knows how... The part numbering is good thank you. I found a few on eBay (pretty cheap too) You made part of the answer! Now for some instructions on "How-to-Install" them.


Locate the connector on the logic board and just plug it in. You'll also need the antenna unit if its not present. Some very early systems don't offer the connector so if you have one of these theres nothing you can do internally.


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