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My MacBook cannot start up

Hey guys, My MacBook suddenly can not start up. Mega safe light do not turn on. press the power button do not have any reaction. Changed a new battery still do not work. Remove the battery connect directly to megasafe still the same. Even tried different megasafe. Can you guys please help me.

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If you have no green light there’s a fault on the initial stage of power lines creation, reasons may be a few, a bad aftermarket charger may cause damage to the charging circuitry and the protection circuit. There could also be a short somewhere else taking down main power circuit, it’s pure guess without thoroughly testing the logic board.

It’s not a typical DIY task, your options would be replacing the logic board or finding a lab performing component level repairs, best if with specific experience on Macs.

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open up the bottom case and try another magsafe/ I’ve ran thru 2 new ones before the light illuminates again/ also may need a new MOTHERBOARD and RIO BOARD. Hopefully only a MOBO

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