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Stuck at FRP after factory reset and firmware system update

Wiko View Go

Model: W_P130

M_IMEI 357483090076511

S_IMEI number 357483090147130


  1. upon power-on, phone stuck in boot loop.
  2. Factory reset performed
  3. Stuck at FRP with correct credentials for pattern and Google account
  4. System firmware update installed via pc <W_P130-V01.30.OPE-[Orea-8.1]-GBL>
  5. Stuck again at FRP with correct credentials for pattern and Google account

Should I send it to Wiko Repair Service? It was bought in Germay.

Any help and advice will be appreciated.

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1 solution

Thank you for the suggestion. However, if you read through my question you will see that I did all this without success.

And now I cannot even get into recovery mode, (by pressing vol. up and power), although I did this many times before the system update. Anyway, I don’t think I can use recovery mode for any solution to the problem.

Is there any possibility that the original problen <stuck in boot loop> could have been caused by a hardware malfunction? Maybe the phone got dropped or sat on.

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