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Atv would not run with old carb should I get new one

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My 110cc Tao Tao 2007 110ah would not start it would start for like a few seconds then shutoff even while giving it gas i took carb of and could not get any of screws out to look inside they were all striped the atv has had compression and spark so if I buy I new one should that fix my problem

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I don’t know what a tao tao is, but it has a carburetor. Since you said it runs for a few seconds (good ignition) and has compression, the carb seems to be the culprit all right. I don’t know what carbs cost, but certainly a new one would be a quick way to find out of the old one was bad or not. If you are sure that gas is flowing to the carb, you’ve narrowed down the problem, although I’d work a little hard on getting the old carb apart. Have you tried penetrant and grabbing the screw heads with vice grips? If you do get it open, get some good screws for next time.

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